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Stage 5: Dewsbury to the Navigation Pub, near Jt 39 of the M1

Setting off from Dewsbury, Thursday 16th September

A summery-autumny day. Bright sun, sometimes a bit too hot, but at the same time, signs and smells that remind us that nothing stays the same for ever, and the seasons are changing.

We began with a bacon sandwich and cup of tea from Greggs, and Dewsbury looked a little better in the sunshine. Sitting in a quiet square eating our second breakfast, my strongest impression was how friendly it was, with people greeting each other and stopping to chat.

It was a walking day of two halves, we followed the river for only a few yards before we had to skirt round an industrial area. We tried to get as close as possible, but factories, water treatment works and huge railway sidings got in the way. After losing ourselves on Kirklees' poorly marked and maintained footpaths, we managed to work out where we were using google maps which identified the trickle of water disappearing into a culvert as Pildacre Mill Beck, I collected a stone from this tiny tributary.

We finally rejoined the river at Horbury Bridge, and made speedy progress downstream on a proper marked footpath.

Today's walk is dedicated to my pink sun-hat, a companion on many walks, which I dropped unnoticed somewhere around Healey Mills Sidings. I hope it is found and enjoyed by it's next owner.

Bob: Suddenly around a corner we came upon three hallucinatory silhouettes. One of a para- athlete, one of Eddie Waring, and one of some cyclist or other. I love a random juxtaposition that just appears out of the blue. We weren’t sure if the colouring was intentional or vandal sprayed. It all made me smile and I caught myself whispering ‘And ee’s gone for an Earrly Bath!’

There was a monumentally impressive graffito underneath the railway bridge over the river where we had our lunch. No idea what it means, but it just looked impressively important, whoever/ whatever PEALS is.

Shame that whoever broke into the fortress of a shed also damaged the painting of a bee on the shed wall. I peeped inside the heavy metal door- all electronic equipment, lots of dials, nothing working. Weird.

Ending the fifth stage at a railway bridge near the Navigation Pub

Finally, here are a selection of today's river images:


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