Salts Mill, Saltaire.

In 2013 I was commissioned to create a film about the history of Salts Mill.   The mill is in Saltaire, near Bradford, and the village and the mill were built by Sir Titus Salt.  The mill closed in the 1980's and has since become a gallery and retail centre, famous for its exhibitions of work by David Hockney, a friend of the owners.  I wanted to record the stories of people who had worked in the mill, and with the help of the Saltaire History Club and the Saltaire Archive, I tracked down and interviewed seven people and recorded their stories and drawings of the mill.  The film, 'Drawing out the Threads' was shown in the spinning room in the exhibition 'Cloth and Memory 2'.  The film is now on permanent display in the Saltaire History Exhibition at Salts Mill

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