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Northlight Residency: Day 1

I did a bit of preparation over the weekend, but today was able to really get organised in the residency space. I have set up a print area, a painting area and a cutting and sewing area. I've also put up all my preparatory work. It was fantastic to have a big enough wall to see the whole of the river journey, illustrated with my plant prints. This will be reproduced in patchwork over the next few days - with each square, the size of a square on the O/S map.

Today, I was very privileged to have my first one to one drawing session with artist Dorothy Simister who is supporting me through this residency. Dorothy is coming three times this week. We did some mark-making to help me loosen up for the day's making.

I've started the patchwork which will take up the bulk of my time this week, and have completed the first three days of the walk. Tomorrow I hope to get up to day 8. The patchwork gets bigger and bigger as the walk goes on, so I have to stay focused! But I also want to make time for some other creative work.

Here are some photos of the studio. I'm open to the public from 10-12 every day this week, so feel free to pop in.


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