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This week we will be doing another couple of days of walking, so before we set off we thought we should reflect on what we have done so far.

Bob: The art that we have found so far has been quite interesting, especially the fairy houses in the woods and the futurist city sculpture on the river bank. Chancing upon them was an added bonus, and they show that people use this unusual and sometimes unwelcoming, uncomfortable place to express their creativity.

The mood of river has been changing, flowing through different settings, rural and industrial landscape, river as workplace, sombre and unloved, busy leisure space or space for misbehaviour.

Annie: My overall impression so far is that the river is mostly an overlooked and underused asset. But I just love to walk and this is the best excuse.

I feel that I should be doing something to record the journey visually in addition to the photographs, but at the moment, I just like the slow pace which contrasts with other parts of my life. I am resisting the internal pressure to do more than just sink into the experience and absorb it.


Thursday and Friday will find us back on the journey, starting in Dewsbury and heading towards Wakefield. The map isn't very clear so we are not sure whether we will find a path by the river and a direct though wandering route, or whether we will have two days of dead ends, looping back to find a crossing point. So we are not sure where we will end up at the end of each day. Or how we will get home. It's all part of the adventure.


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